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  • Have you ever wonder why during our earthly journey the sun rises and falls?
  • Have you ever come to a point in your life time, where you would give anything to get over that which is become of you?
  • Have you ever thought the end is here and you aren't prepared for the storm that is right ahead?
  • Have you ever taken a decision only to discover that just before you know it, you are finding it very difficult to stand on your decision?


The answers to these question are best considered, first by our understanding that we cannot be at two places at the same time on earth during our life time. If so be it, then we truly need the very presence of God obtainable through the atonement for sin found in the death, resurrection, ascension of our High Priest Christ Jesus and the empowerment by the Holy Spirit and hope for resurrection of the living and dead so long as earth endure in our mortal bodies.  For eternity begins here on earth.

Stephen John In Your Presence