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I have been around on earth for a while knowing that there is that which we are missing out somewhere that have resulted to the dryness we feel in us when we are dwelling on earth, rather than enjoying the refreshing spring of joy bought with a price before the foundation of this earth.

When I came in contact with this divine revelation 1989 At Akwukwu Igbo, Delta Start, South-south Nigeria, during a youth conference, little did I know I have been given grace to walk through the line of my future, today I look back and I can understand fully why I went through the road I have travelled on, on earth till date.

he season that I have touched my wish which turned into faith became tangible evidence according to God's word that says we call that which is not in existence into existence by our spoken words; the word that said: “ask and you shall receive;” that says; “seek and you shall find;” that says; “though the vision tarries wait for it for at the appointed time it shall speak forth.”

That very word that said: “may it be done to you according to your faith” and the same word that declared; “ eyes have not seen nor ears heard nor mouth spoken, nor has any heart ever thought about what God have kept for us or prepared for us that believe in Him through Christ Jesus.”

I know and I know that His words can never be under estimated, they are spoken words so powerful and with lots of evidence. I have my twins to that effect.

The application of the word is today what I have to show, by His mercies, I asked for a seal to prove that He has called me to be this person I am becoming today, which many years before any ever knew I can exist.

I have come a long way now to understand that EVERY STAGE WE WALK INTO IN LIFE IS A TEST OF WHAT IS TO COME . Above all things there is joy in knowing that on earth all we carry with us is memories of one another’s actions towards one another. I came to understand why Christ kept talking about this very state on earth. “Love your God with all your heart then love your neighbour as yourself.”Wow! an eyes-opening to my heart and search to that that moves the heart of God to attending to my desires. He made me understand that in us is small gods, we are small gods, cos we are God's image on earth. So happy to know that if I treat you with respect and live honestly with you then I have treating God same way.

I began to learn about this also in the midst of my marriage to my wife here on earth and same is our marriage back to God through the blood of Christ, an “unmerited favour” - Love is that which we do not earn but we are bestowed with by grace so gracefully that we begin to shine the moment we get exposed to that blood. till our uncleanliness is turned into righteousness in Christ. For it is the blood that have saved us not of merits. It is by grace I got these twins not of merit, for God have given me grace to move His heart according to His words. He share same love towards us all. All I wish is to be that which could speak out His purpose to us all in words and now with prove that God lives, this same force is what moved me to where i dwell now on earth, location wise and in faith. I am part of that which is in life today, not because I meritted it but because God's love is all I have spent time seeking and I believe I have found God in the midst of storms of life.

All i ask for is for you to turn your face to God and you shall experience His hands upon your lives.

His reality is in “now and today” while our faith is in the future. I shall tell you my testimony fully soon, for I have seen the glory to be revealed in my dream and I have tapped into that which I am to become.

Like Paul said; “in a little while, I shall become that which I was born to be.” The seal is born, next I believe is the manifestation of the platform where I shall tell about His goodness to me, a dirty laundry washed and is being washed in the blood for faith have moved the heart of God to give me another chance to live in the place He called me to and to walk in the purpose I am called unto, His Will.

 I have found God on earth.